Ruby Ball and its industrial applications

Ruby ball, and The first impression come across in our thought is ruby gems or ruby jewelry. But is it so that ruby is used only in Jewelry? Do you know ruby is used in industrial application also? Yes, ruby ball is one of the product developed from ruby which is being extensively used in industrial applications.

This ruby balls are made from synthetic ruby which is 99% pure aluminum oxide grown into crystals (or “boules”) at 2000 °C using the Verneuil process. Ruby is one of the hardest known materials for the industry standard and the optimum ball material for a vast majority of measurement applications.

 ruby ball

It manufactured from synthetic ruby which is exceptionally smooth on the surface, have great compressive strength and a high resistance to mechanical corrosion. Ruby has also other characteristics like dust and good amount of temperature resistance. It is also well known for its hardness as well as for dimensional stability. Also preferred because, it is an easy polished material. It is invented and crafted as per industrial requirement in a wide variety of sizes. It can also be ground and polished in half or to a specific diameter and center thickness to make an inexpensive plano-convex lens. The basic diameter tolerance of ruby ball is +/- 0.0001″ with a tolerance of 0.00005″ on spheres from the same lot. It is manufactured with taking care of Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (A.F.B.M.A.) standards, which is widely accepted standard all over the world. It offers good temperature and optical qualities, as well as superior stability. It is preferred for low friction and long wear applications. It is capable to be drilled and also has precision jeweled bearing rollers capacity.

 ruby ball

Some of the obvious reason why it is extensively used in industrial application?

  • It has extreme hardness
  • It is chemical inertness (even to hydrofloric, HF acid)
  • It has a low friction coefficient
  • It has high thermal conductivity and remarkable wear resistance


It is used in wide verity of industrial application. Following are some of the categorization in various application.


  • Ruby ball for Chemical pump check valves, Medical check valves and Precision metering valve assemblies

  • Ruby ball for Wind indicators

  • Ruby Ball for Ball point pens, Stylus Tips, Probe tips, test measurement tips, Gyroscopic wear points and Tracer tips

  • Ruby Ball for Master ball gauging sets or Ball Gauge, Ball plug gauges and Gauge Contact Points

  • Ruby ball for Fiber optic lens systems


Most of the application of Ruby ball is where the instrument, machine or object deal with very precision output and long lasting life span. In such case the quality of ruby ball becomes extreme critical. Hence the selection of ruby ball supplier or ruby ball manufacturer is very important. There are many companies who manufacture it, but is most preferred ball lens suppler in the optical industries. manufacture and supply it globally like in USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Europe or any county around the world.

Very well defined system and streamlined process leads to offer its customer very competitive rate to buy ruby ball. is preferred supplier for most of the companies because of its capacity to manufacture and supply such balls in very huge bulk quantity without compromising quality on a single ball.

 ruby ball

Even companies who are in process of innovation or re-evaluation of its product for more batter performance, is one of the well-known option because of it research and development team’s vast experience who suggest correct ruby ball to optimize the output, and manufacture custom made ruby ball for specific to the customer’s application.


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